Sunday, March 09, 2008


Finally facing my Waterloo!

Barring a 'Dummies Guide to the Peninsular War' and some examples of play, the latest iteration of Duty & Honour is finished. I have to say that the game is getting to the point where the changes are becoming smaller and smaller each time and the additions are more like chroming the rims rather than a full scale MOT.

The major additions in this iteration have been around expanding the Skirmish rules to add a little more tactical play and more granularity rather than the one flip conflict resolution version. Thats still there, if you want to use it, but the new optional system adds a whole lot more to the game. Its also allowed me to add a simple system to handle cavalry and artillery to the game as well -and indeed, has given me the framework to create the sort of battles I want when I expand the game to the sea in Hearts of Oak.

The other major change has been the expansion and promotion of the regiment section. This was a direct response to feedback from my awesome team of playtesters and some reflection on my thoughts on player ownership following my recent experiences with Hot War, Red Box Hack and Primetime Adventures. Its interesting that what started as a few card flops has turned into an integral part of the game as it has developed.

The rest of my art arrives on March 10th from Peter, which is really exciting and now I have to consider my options for layout and printing of some ashcans for Conpulsion. Oh and I probably need to find an editor. And some more playtesting. And those examples.

It will end sometime soon ... sometime very soon!


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