Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Still Alive and Kicking More Than Ever!

It feels like ages since I have had time to put finger to keyboard. Life has, as per usual, been throwing me a full-on barrage of curve balls. Loathe as I am to blog about work life, I have been through the wringer over the summer and come out of the other side with a job, a promotion and a little stability. Woot!

On the gaming front, I have moved from a vertitable famine to a feast. The transition between games is always a tense time for a group like ours but we seem to have moved on from Gamma World quite well, going back to explore the Dresden Files setting again. We have rejigged the cast of characters and I have taken a more relaxed slowburn attitude to the game and it appears to be working. Still has a lot of player input (as always) but it is definitely a game which is tootling along rather than being played at breakneck speed.

But thats not all! A reconstituted Group 2, with two new players, will embark on another game of Dungeons and Dragons 4e, this time ran by Dave. This is a game which has its roots in stories like A Game of Thrones and it looks like it will be a totally different game from our previous efforts. My character is a shapechanging Whirling Barbarian Half-Orc. Its very different! Actually, whilst the game is now pleasantly familiar, the character generation was quite daunting. Our old game was like the proverbial frog in hot water, slowly getting hotter and hotter, not realising. This time, with a cornucopia of options available, its more like being plunged into the boiling pan! Almost input overload. Thats why I chose the Barbarian in the end - just a few books and options to consider. My other possible choice, Ranger, would have caused my nerves to frazzle!

And it still doesn't end! On Sunday I had the first session with my new gaming group ... me and the kids! We're goinmg to be playing Dr Who on Sunday mornings for the forseeable. The girls have created two really nice, well-rounded 'normal' characters who will get into all sorts of hijinks in time and space. They were, even if I say so myself, fantastic - really bringing imagination and control to the table. I was impressed. I'm planning on relatively short sessions - two hours max - in the first instance. Of course, the upshot is that Mrs Gow gets a couple of totally child free hours. Feel the brownie points rack up.

Of course amidst all of this, something had to give and remarkably, I've put all of my Omnihedron Games activities on hiatus at the moment, and for the indefinite future. I'll almost certainly write more about that in the future, but it feels like a weight off my shoulders.