Monday, March 03, 2008

CottageCon II is over!

Many years ago we suggested that it would be good if we all got away for a weekend and went to the countryside for gaming. Last year we grabbed the bull by the horns and CottageCon was born. This year we ploughed on for CottageCon II - it could have been 'that difficult second venture' but it wasn't. We had one more player, one less game and about a ton more snacks. It was great. The cottage itself, in a remote village between York and Hull, was perfect for the event with excellent facilities and more importantly a load of single beds!

The gaming was excellent - Andrews 'Spirit of the Exalted' game (he might not call it that but I do) was his now expected tour de force of high drame, epic powered, explosive action and as a self-contained experience a perfect way to visit the world of Exalted without all of the clutter that I associate with it. Matt's 'Ravenscar Manor' game of Call of Cthulhu had some excellent strong characters and was exceptionally atmospheric (especially as we were in a remote cottage in the moors at night with a gale howling around us!!) but I think we all agreed that the system sometimes doesn't help with the storytelling. My game of Pulsars and Privateers was, I believe, a qualified success for Primetime Adventures. It was definitely a very different play experience from our normal games and took a while getting used to which didn't quite give it the impact of some of the other games. However it was very pleasing to see the Khanjar in play again and to add (former) Ambassador Carabdis and Samono the Priest of the Fifth Creation to the crew.

Obviously there will be more expansion on the games in the future but I wanted to mention how valuable CottageCon is to us as a group. Rarely do we have the time to play out a game, relaxed, to the full. Rarely do we not have a pizza break. Rarely are we ever able to 'live' gaming for more than a few hours at a time and beyond the group that meets in the pub together, rarely do we get to really socialise. All of these things we did at CottageCon. It makes our gaming stronger. It gives us a chance to try something experimental and new in a safe environment. It allows us to grow together as a group of friends.

For £40 each, incl petrol, its an absolute bargain - roll on CC3 (bagsy no GMing this time!)


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