Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Pre-Conpulsion Thoughts

Well, this weekend is Conpulsion - the start of this years convention season for me (Conpulsion, Games Expo, GenCon US and Furnace plus hopefully another CottageCon?). Its based in Edinburgh and I have very fond memories of playing Raw Deal there in years gone by. This time the con has a little more hanging on it as it is my first outing as an official 'member' of the Collective Endeavour stall and play team.

I think its fair to say that CE has been having a bit of a tough time of late with some painfully public arguments about convention organisation. I see Conpulsion as a bit of a watershed - a chance to refocus and get a little momentum going.

I'm going to be running Duty & Honour on Saturday morning and Hot War on Saturday evening. Both games are still playtests but thats no excuse not to deliver quality gaming. Hot War will probably be the easiest as I have a full scenario written already. D&H offers a wholly different challenge as the very nature of the game dictates that the players have a lot of input into the way the scenario develops. All I can do is get into the correct mindspace and go for it! Honestly, why do I do this to myself? *rolls eyes*

Regardless, this is the beginning of the home stretch for D&H. Version Three has been finished and I'm very pleased with the results so far. It feels, once again, better than the last version by far. I found the original Pendragon hack that started the entire thing off last weekend - its almost unrecognisable!


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