Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Week in Geek

In Heroes, Tim Kring continues to tear comic classics and mash them together, with Sylar doing his very best to create Kingdom Come, there, on my screen. I'm really getting into S3 of Heroes but I can see why some of the less comics-savvy people might be getting a tad confused. They have never had to handle a 'Crisis...' after all.

In Fringe, 'The Observer' does things, people get injected and shot, the mad professor is madder and the cow makes another essential cameo. Series is still good and might even have had a sniff of metaplot here, but I have no idea what. Still struggling to find the female lead attractive, which is kind of refreshing. At least the old woman from the massive corp who are obviously the baddie/goodie flip flop wasn't in it again with MacGuffin of the Week.

In Spooks (yes!), Adam Carter bites the big one in one of the worst written episodes I have seen. A little too much pro-soldier, 'we must do it for the troops' monologuing for my liking. However, Harry is still bad-ass and HorseFaceWoman killed someone with a fork. YoungBlondeOne will become Wolverine too. Mark my words. (Note: Its never worth learning anyone's name in Spooks until they have been in three series. They're dispensible...)


Fandomlife said...

The problem with Heroes 3 is it's boring me stupid. It's just not interesting.

The whole thing just seems to have gotten way to familiar considering it's only had 1.5 seasons and a bit of three. The heroes to ememies thing is a comic staple, but feeling the need to do it for every character in the whole setting is trite. The concepts are just too familar, another future we see and travel to which we are trying to stop from coming into fruition. Yawn.

It's just not working for me.

We've considered stopping watching it.

Vodkashok said...

That must truly be a life altering decision...*g*

I'm quite the opposite. This season is MORE interesting for me because I really like that stuff. Now, we are four episodes of twenty six in, so how long I will be able to last, I don't know, but at last we have a comicbook TV series doing what comics do, rather than what comics would do if they were a TV series. I think thats kind of cool.

If only it had a cow....

Fandomlife said...

What TV shows you watch is very important :)