Monday, October 06, 2008


I approve.
More later
[Six Fingered Hand]


Fandomlife said...

I watched the pilot, which was pretty spectacular, I've not watched the series proper yet.

Plan to like.

redben said...

It's the X-Files for the 21st century lol

The first half of the pilot left me pretty cold, I appreciated the techniques and style employed but the storytelling and characterisation was pretty bland and uninspired. It picked up over the second half enough for me to give the series a chance.

Fandomlife said...

I know what you mean, it is indeed a new X-Files.

I found the story okay in the pilot, the spectacular part was more the scale and budget of it. They hadn't skimped on costs:)

Neil said...

I don't think it has been touted as anything other than the 'new X-Files' and personally, having missed the first one in the most part, thats not a problem for me.

I agree with Ian. The opening sequence really hammered home to me that this was not your run of the mill drama show and the bit where she deskinned her arm was another big alarm bell.

I like the characters, especially the mad professor. The premise, in so far as we know it, is pretty cool and its watchable, which is something I cannot say of say, Bones.

The only downside for me is that I can do without all of the usual JJ Abrams shit. And the fact that I say 'usual' should be a flag that its passed its sell-by-date. Leaf! Frong! Apple! Hand! Ooooh, what does it mean?

We might not know for 4-5 series. I'm not holding my breath.


ps. I hope the cow is a recurring character.