Monday, October 06, 2008

So, How does it feel... be a published author?

I got asked this last week and its a very strange question because I am not, not really. Well, I suppose I am - 13 people have a copy of my book in their hands which they have paid real money for - just not in the traditional sense. Its not like I have been through the turmoil of submitting manuscripts to publishers or touting myself around agents. I've done it 'the easy way' through self-publishing. Still, its a very cool feeling. Not something that I would get carried away with in any way, but quite cool nonetheless

Just as a report from the front lines, there was no bolt from the blue, no trumpet of angels, I do not suddenly feel superior to everyone else and I feel no more qualified to talk about publishing and game design than I did a week ago. I have no made a fortune, nor have I lost one penny.

I do count my blessings though. I know my way around a graphics and DTP program or two and I have a decent research library, talented friends and honest testers and editors. I'm pretty sure this wouldn't have been such a smooth ride without all of these things - if I had been forced to seek out 'professional' (i.e. paid) layout, design and editing functions, things would have been very different.

Of course, now that I AM a published games designer (oh that sounds so fucking pretentious!) the next question is usually 'what's next?'. More of the same, I'm afraid. The second half of the three book series (bear with me, I've gone all Douglas Adams on your ass) and a load of supplemental material - but thats a topic for another post some day.

So how does it feel to be a published author? Kind of cool, but not mind-blowing.

If anyone is interested in a copy of Duty & Honour, paypal £12 + £2 P&P to and I will be more than happy to send you a copy.

Maximum pimpage!


AndrewW said...

3 books!

You've been holding out on us Mr Gow.

Vodkashok said...

You just haven't been listening, clothears.

1. Duty & Honour
2. Beat to Quarters
3. 'The American Game'

The last one being a double header setting book dealing with the American Revoluntionary War and the War of 1812. Both, especially 1812, need both Books 1 & 2 available to be any good.