Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Scary Stuff

We often take things in the world for granted - I'm not talking about things like Dr Who or Jessica Alba or the existence of Pepperoni - for once I am being a little more serious. I'm talking about senses.

For the last week I have had periodic hearing from my right ear. It comes and goes and when it goes I feel like I am underwater. It also comes with a nice bit of pressure running through my head. Now, I have to admit, the novelty has worn off and the fact that the antibiotics I have been prescribed are doing fuck and all has hit home. Add to that the fact that my other ear is starting and I am slightly worried. What if this is something serious?

What if I go deaf?

I think deafness is seen as one of the least serious disabilities. You can still see, read, speak, taste, move etc. However to me it is horrific. No more television except for subtitles and silly signing people. No more music. No more cinema. No more roleplaying! My work - mostly done on the telephone - would be almost impossible. My entire way of life would have to change radically. Its actually shook me to the core a little.

We take things for granted until they are taken away - lets hope this is just an infection that won't budge!



Anonymous said...

Scary, I had similar thoughts when I had the detatched retina in my right eye.

Still do, as if my left eye has similar problems I am, to put it simply: screwed.

Cross your fingers.


Anonymous said...

Oh, and you're not hearing any strange sounds in those ears are you?

If so it could be the dreaded:

Know a few people who that grabbed hold off.