Monday, January 21, 2008

Childbirth was easier!

Well, for me anyway

Duty & Honour is out into its third round of playtesting and this time it's blind public 'beta' testing. No contact with me allowed. The text has to live and breathe by itself. I sent out abour half-a-dozen packs to willing vic---volunteers and then the wait began. I waited and waited and waited until finally last night I received this:

Right; that's session one complete - a marathon 9 hours, with about half spent on character and regiment creation, and half spent on play! Much fun had, and a rack of notes taken We're about halfway through their first mission, which involves hopping behind Frog lines to try to work out when the French will be moving against the British lines, and how. The complication is that the encamped French are holding a hostage in the form of the local Contessa to keep the local people (and the Count) in line. They've got the plans, but have just found the hostage - we'll see what they do next Sunday !! Proper report will follow once I've typed it up, but everyone was very positive about the game

Which is awesome - but now, NOW, I have to continue my waiting even longer until the report comes back. Honestly, labour was easier - at least I could have a sly chug on the gas and air occassionally!


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