Friday, January 26, 2007

Starting Young!

FINALLY Forbidden Planet managed to get a copy of A Faery's Tale in stock and my plan to expose my daughters to roleplaying can be hatched. OK, that sounds a lot more malign than it actually is. The two girls in question (Lara (9) and Emma (6 and so nearly 7)) aren't exactly having their arms twisted in the matter. The two of them have always been more than a little interested in what Daddy does on Sunday nights. Indeed, by osmosis almost, they are turning into little geek girls. They lap up cartoons like Teen Titans Go! and Justice League Unlimited, read comics and watch fantasy films. Emma managed to watch the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy and only has 101 questions every hour...

So this is a chance to share a little bit of Daddy stuff with them - a sort of gamer 'going out to kick a ball around the park.'

They asked last night exactly what they would be doing and I explained that it would be like a play where they imagined what was happening and I helped them do things. We even did a little faux-RP where Emma pretended to be Funshine Bear (she's just been watching the Care Bears) who was King of the Care Bears. I told her that a wizard had said that boggins had invaded the magical forest...what was King Funshine going to do? She thought for a second and then with a big grin on her face said 'Get my care bear friends, raise an army (!) and chase them out!!' She was even more impressed that she might be able to roll dice as well!

Realistically, bearing in mind the attention span of the dynamic duo, I suspect it will be short and sweet. However, it might well hold a little charm for them. We can only wait and see!



Anonymous said...

Your children make me go "Squee!", your a very lucky man Mr. Gow.


Anonymous said...

This damnable practice will only lead to them growing up to be SATAN WORSHIPERS!!! Mark my words! :p

I sincerely hope that they don't have the experience I had at my Comprehensive School after a few months of roleplay. 5 boys, sitting in the library, talking about demons and killing orcs, vorpal swords and so forth... What does our deputy head drag us all into his office for? and have our lockers searched for? Drugs. He quite honestly thought we where on drugs. LOL It seesm the librarian was concerned we where all trippin or something.

Let us hope that times have moved on a bit since then :-)