Thursday, January 18, 2007


Welcome to a slightly updated version of 'The Bottom of the Glass'!

It appears that Blogspot has updated quite a few features (or I have just found them!) Anyway, the upshot is that I have made a few necessary changes.

1. So that you don't have to be a Blogspot member to comment on my ramblings, I've changed the setting to 'Anyone can comment!'. I now expect Spambots a plenty. Such is the way of the internet.

2. I've started to add labels to my posts, so that those with more discerning tastes (you know who you are...) can avoid the posts on topics that they find boring.

3. I will be experimenting with merging this blog with my new website in the future. I've just realised that I have never had a home on the net for *me* in all the time I have been providing homes for other people. Daft really. So I'll be whipping the Omnihedron domain into order presently.

On with the relabelling!


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