Friday, January 19, 2007

God Bless Playtesters!

Dave once said to me that in any business creative thingy, maybe one great idea might come from ten given. I guess the brave part is being able to discard the other nine with some objective clarity. This is the state I am at with the progression of my roleplaying game, which is now called 'Omniverse' by the way.

My initial playtesters have looked it over and one of the central concepts seems to be flawed. They've explained their dislike for it and I have listened. Now, there are three things I can do.

1. Succumb to the whims of my playtesters on every aspect.
2. Hold the creators high ground and ignore them because they simply don't understand
3. Balance what they say with what I think and make a reasoned judgement.

'3' seems obvious, but you don't know how close I came to '2' - and then I remembered what Dave said. The willingness to morph and change a proposition around so that it becomes a more polished whole - even if that means changing some of the central propostions - is a good thing. The balancing question is always, even if the product is good now, how can it be made better?

So hurrah to playtesters and their ability to feedback constructive comments and make great suggestions. Any designer should be thankful for his testers!


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