Friday, February 26, 2010


In honour of my New Years resolution, I will not be talking about any of the following topics:

  • People complaining about poor weather in the winter
  • The proposed BBC cuts and how they make me want to punch someone
  • The inevitable witchhunt over our poor showing at the Winter Olympics (see #1..)
Why? Because I have already exploded at the TV twice today and I'm all ranted out.

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Metaresearchboi said...

Oh come on, the BBC cuts deserve a rant. The BBC has just caved in, put its ass in the air and said "Come on you commercial competitors, this is what you want, 'ave it!"

It's kind of a collective submission of the BBC top directors. I wonder if Mr Murdock has pictures of them in Soho nightclubs or something? I mean, that would explain the complete and stark "WE SURRENDER" sign hanging on the side of TV centre wouldn't it?