Thursday, February 11, 2010

GenCon .... HO!

And its on!

My (early) 40th birthday present to myself - a trip to GenCon US 2010 - is now fully booked. Its going to be an interesting trip. I stumbled across a really rather cheap flight today - £460 return, which is faaaaar better than the other £660 fares. The catch? Well, we fly from Heathrow at 6am (so thats staying up overnight then...) to ... Rome. And then from Rome we fly to Chicago and my old favourite of O'Hare International and then onto Indianapolis. Vice versa on the way home. The 45 minute internal transfer at Rome might be a bit tight, but thats half the fun (memories of Chicago '07 remind me of how fast gamers can move when needed!)

No Travelodge on the state border this time - we're booked into a hotel just down the street from the convention centre and again, its a bit cheaper than expected, which is awesome. Ticket for the con booked too - all we need is insurance, a cheap ticket to London and clearance to travel to the USA.

And this time around, I am adamant that I am not going to be ill in any way, shape or form!



Metaresearchboi said...

"The 45 minute internal transfer at Rome might be a bit tight"

Oh boy, having to trust Italian ground staff at Rome airport to do a fast turnaround... not good. Hell, I'd be unsure of British ground staff with that tight a turnaround.

I'd suggest you pack the essentials + a change of clothes into your hand luggage just in case.

And... Good luck!

Vodkashok said...

My saving grace is that its Alitalia to Alitalia, so there should be some internal logic involved with the transfer. However, I had planned on packing a very strategic set of hand-luggage!

And me and Anderw will be going through training! It'll be like Rocky.

Metaresearchboi said...

I'm sure you're on this already by I'd be onto the Trainline right away to try and get their amazingly limited superapex tickets down to London.

Don't evny you the staying up all night lark either! Sounds like you'll need a full day in Indy just to recover from the trip getting there!

Fandomlife said...

Indeed, the first day is going to suffer.


Vodkashok said...

Its all about sleep management and getting ready for the jetlag. I'm blessed with being able to run efficiently on about 4-5 hours sleep at the best of times - the legacy of fatherhood. Making sure I get my head down on the flights should mean that I get to the states OK and then its just one solid nights sleep. Thats how it usually works when I travel. All I have to do is insure that Andrew doesn't get all excited and bounce up and down too much ...hehehe

Regardless, it is indeed still going to be an EPIC! adventure