Sunday, December 30, 2007

Duty & Honour - Spreading the Word

Well, its that time.

Duty & Honour has now finished it's latest revision after some very valuable initial playtests. The system has changed radically from the document as first presented and now appears to be far more robust, consistent and balanced system. The process has been illuminating and in some ways humbling as I have been forced to realise that what may be obvious to me isn't necessary obvious, logical or necessary for others. Theres a balance between, as I see it, moving towards the common denominator of current existing designs for eases sake and developing a game which is working and potentially saleable.

I've now cast my net open in a couple of other arenas for playtesters and I'm ready to kick my internal playtest campaign off properly. Those first couple of abortive attempts have been priceless and I am particularly thankful to Andrew, Ben and Dave for sitting through them and helping so much in that little bit of crisis management!

So whats the timetable for the rest of the project? Roughly (and I mean that because I know that this is going to need as much time as it needs...) I'm aiming to have this round of playtests finished by the end of February with an eye to a fully-fledged ashcan for Conpulsion in March (as well as some demo games etc) and then a further iteration at Games Expo in May. All other things being equal, if I didn't have a fully-rounded game by Furnace in October I will be exceptionally disappointed.

It's all very exciting.


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Anonymous said...

I like the look of that Games Expo - that has me intrigued!