Monday, February 19, 2007


Last night during Omniverse playtest, I realised that I needed to get some new dice... or rather I needed to supplement my horrendously depleted dice collection. Part of me is thrilled at the prospect, part of me is horrified that my old faithfuls have been lost. Well, most of them. My Yahtzee d6s (the best rolling dice in all of Christendom) are still around, as is my 'lucky' d20. However, many of the less used dice seem to have found their way into the hoover, the cat or the diet of a small child*

So, as I have readers now I'll throw a question out to them - what are your criteria for quality dice?

Only on a roleplaying blog....


* Note to social services... I don't feed my kids dice. That might count as nutrition..../grin


Anonymous said...

OK, they have to be:

1. Not the same colour as the floor covering.
2. Large enough to see but not so big they count as potential serious projectile weapons.
3. Easy to read the numbers on, no spangly dizzy crap please.
4. Not require you to crayon in the numbers.


Anonymous said...

I echo all of the above.

Also tend to like mine to be as heavy as possible, and where possible, made of metal.


Anonymous said...

My dice always seemed to work of the same criteria. Dice a clegg wouldnt eat or steal. So when buying dice i used to take a clegg along just to test reactions.

Also dice that cost more than £50 for the set were a general matter how small and made of precious stones they were.


Anonymous said...

Being a bit of a dice collector - I like them to look good as a set, feel heavy in your hand and to roll well (suitable for a cat to chase around).


Vodkashok said...

Well, tonight is Dice Night. Thanks for the hints.