Wednesday, February 28, 2007

All Good Things (Part Two)... indeed come to an end.

However, this time it isn't hobby related. Discovery Kids is no more. Now for those of you without a horde of your own, this is pretty dull news, however for me it is a disaster.

DK is the science-for-kids branch of the Discovery Channel and in our house it was the kids favourite channel. The programming - a mixture of UK and US kids science, history dressed as mystery and a few cartoons (including the awesome Kenny The Shark) - really fired my girls and their interest in science and history. They absorbed the content every morning, loving every minute of it.

The downside was that the channel only had a very small set of programs to choose from. Thus we had probably seen every episode of every series maybe a dozen times. The kids were seemingly immune to this monotony, but us adults were grinding our teeth. Indeed, we were cheering when we heard that the channel was going 'online'

Until tonight, when it closed it's doors for good. It was like the kids had to sit and watch a friend leave. They were in tears. Christine was nearly in tears. Even I had a lump in my throat at the thought.

So goodbye to Crash Test Danny, Mystery Hunters, Timeblazers, The Big Bang, Science Please, Scientrific, Gross, Star Munchies and of course Kenny the Shark. If only you hadn't been so bloody repetitive!!


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Anonymous said...

I officially love your children.

Children that are actually intellectual because there parents actually parent them and teachers don't treat them like shit is great. Kids who question, and don't just swear and wander round town in the middle of the night.