Friday, November 03, 2006

What can RPGs learn from MMOs?

Another little thread on, another musing thought rumbling in my head that has been answered.

I finally realised why I like parts of WoW and why some of my roleplaying habits may have changed.

WoW delivers the 'explore places, kill things, take their stuff and get tougher in the process' needs that 'traditional' rpgs - like D&D3e - deliver normally and do it 100% better. The gameplay has the social interaction (via voicecomms) and the fantastical scenery but without worrying about modifiers and AoO and other such nonsense. Basically, WoW does D&D better than D&D does.

(and as an aside, when we have played D&D post-WoW, it has been very difficult to take the game seriously when combat happens and not degenerate into a reference-fest.)

However, with that itch well and truly scratched, my other requirements from roleplaying - social advancement, character development, storylines and such - have to be dealt with within the games I am choosing to play.

Is that one of the contributing factors to my current chomping away at new and relatively obscure RPG material? Maybe it is. Who knows?


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