Friday, November 03, 2006

Talkin' bout a Revolution (Part One)

Two posts, two subjects - one applicable title! Thats Value!

Regardless of my fervour in avoiding them, I keep getting dragged back to CCGs. Whether it is an underlying need to participate in some form of collective competition, an addiction to collecting or simply a desire to be closer to a massive group of friends around the world, they always pop up now and again.

The WoW CCG has been released and it is very simple, very smooth and looks very nice. This, essentially, is the local game if it is anything and my participation would be reliant on the guys down the pub buying into it as well. I'm not sure they will, because a lot of them have dumped out of the CCG game in favour of the MMORPG world totally. It's still a tantalising prospect - getting in one the ground floor of something new and exciting. Possibly meeting new players as well. The one deciding factor could well be the expense - £2.99 a booster is too much in my beer-economics view of the world.

And then there is Revolution.

The new incarnation of Raw Deal is coming for Christmas and it is wonderful. Through my previous associations with Comic Images, I have been privy to a full set of the final spoilers and I have to say that the reimagining of the game is spectacular. It's like a reset to Premier with five years of experience and design heaped into the mix. The game promises to be MUCH faster, have far fewer dull negative play experiences (the new mechanics make mono-decks and pure control decks almost impossible to achieve), smaller quicker tournaments, better prizes and some engaging new deck construction techniques.

And the reason why this game doesn't fall foul of the 'local players needed' problem? Well, there are some nearby players in Middlesborough and Scarborough and York. Thats relatively near obviously, but I'm a big lad, I can travel. And this morning I received the great news that the Middlesborough manager has decided to run Revolution-only tournaments. That buys me in, in all probability.

The overriding stipulation for my participation however will be fun over involvement. Controlling my urge to help out, get involved or any other sort of organisation has to be kept under control. A year ago, I was pretty much at the centre of all things Raw Deal and it consumed my life and spare time. I can't afford to let that happen again. Of course, that means I may have to actually BUY cards - a new and scary prospect if ever there was one....

We shall see what comes around (see the revolution motif? hehehe)


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