Monday, November 27, 2006

One Year Later

As I was standing in the middle of the Academy last night, listening to the Wonder Stuff, I realised that it was roughly a year since I started my blogging exploits and my exploration of my various gaming hobbies. With that in mind, I thought it would be cute to examine where each of them is ... one year later!

Collectible Card Games?
DEAD as a dead thing from dead land. The WoW CCG passed me by with barely a whimper. The new iteration of Raw Deal looks interesting but without a group to play with and with limited time the likelihood of me rekindling the glory days seems to have passed. If there was a major casualty of the last year, it was CCGs.

Growing from strength to strength really. Have one game that has been played steadily for a while now (Pendragon). Have the embers of a 'fill in week' group that could well be doing Burning Wheel. I'm also starting a little rp project with my girls which could be fun or a disaster. Hey, and then there is my fledgling RP game which is currently in the very first stages of playtest. Loads of RP stuff going on.

Still reading them, still enjoying them. No real change. Actually there has been an associated change in that I have started reading novels again, which waned a little for a while. Lots of input into the old grey matter.

Oh, big changes there! Rather than being the hobby that I aspire to, it's one that I am not actively involved in again. So I'm writing for the DCInfinity site with Green Lantern and Zatanna and it's a whole lot of fun. There seems to be the old inversely proportional relationship between my RP exploits and my fanfic exploits going on at the minute - some things never change really.

World of Warcraft?
Well, I'm still playing it but a lot of the enthusiasm has waned since the schism that shattered the quiet fun house that was the Dungeoneers. I'm once again at an impasse with it. I like playing it, but I'm going to have to pay it a little more attention if I am going to get the most from The Burning Crusade and I'm not sure I want to pay it more attention. Strange.

Anyway, thats about it really. Certainly things have stabalised a little with the removal of the CCG side of things and the retirement of my website empire. However, I'm always a builder so who knows what might be around the corner?


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