Saturday, March 25, 2006

My name is Neil...and I'm a Switcher

Multiple news on multiple fronts today. It seems like my mighty state of flux is well, fluxing.

Bad news on the roleplaying front with another session cancelled due to an unforseen boating trip (?!) by Captain Amarr. I did consider the prospect of doing a 3-on-1 fill in session (A Day in the Life of Tanner) but in the end I decided not. This would be the third rewrite of the 'second act' of the game and in every rewrite it drifts further away from the dramatic intensity that I planned in the missing session. Sometimes better not to game than to game badly. Still, it means I get to go and see 'V for Vendetta' which has to be a good thing. I had a great idea regarding the 'beings from the void' big bads for PnP and then realised that (a) they were the same big bads that have been in my Crescent Sea and Buffy campaigns (ouch) and (b) it is almost the exact same concept as in Peter Hamiltons 'The Neutrino Alchemist' or whatever it is called. Back to the drawing board.

A few days till I head off to Chicago. Signs coming from Comic Images seem to indicate that they have finally realised that I am actually going at the end of April and they seem to be tying matters up at their end. Good. However, my own urges to build decks has strangely kicked into being. Which is strange because I haven't done it for so long. It's almost as if, because the pressure is off to be anything other than a player, it's suddenly easier. Now, this could be a sense of being demob happy. It could be a general heightening of my CCG senses in preperation for Chicago and attending the World Championships, or it could be genuine. Whatever, I will be throwing together a fun old-fashioned Billy Gunn deck for laughs to take with me. And maybe a Shelton Benjamin....and maybe RTC

Another hobby dividend that has raised it's ugly head is an urge to write some fanfic....I'm trying to ignore it to see whether it will go away.

Which leads me to my switching!

I downloaded the free copy of EVE-Online and took up the no-strings attached 14-day free trial. Its a bizarre game and a very disorientating experience. Take WoW - I know just about everything that I need to know about WoW. EVE? I know JACK SHIT. I am discovering different aspects of the game more through trial and error rather than any great plan. It's intriguing. The game itself seems rather mundane at the moment and is a great example of my 'time is MMORPGs greatest currency' theory. However, I assume that like in WoW the better stuff comes later on. I did my first 'mini-instance' yesterday - clearing out a hollowed asteroid inhabited by a disgruntled employee and his two drones. I discovered that my wee little mining frigate didn't have enough firepower to bash through their shields so I went back to the fitting yard, dropped the mining laser into the hold and fitted another carbine. Ahhh much better! Now I have a specified mining ship (2 mining lasers, shield regen, mining scanner and two extended holds) and a dedicated hunting ship, in development.

Is EVE the game for me? Jury is still amassing evidence. Currently compared to my WoW experience it is far less stressful. However it can be a little ... dull, and I suspect that the Corporations make it a little like work. I shall see how my 14-days pan out.

And speaking of WoW...well, I floated the idea of not being an officer anymore with the rest of the founders and they didn't seem to surprised...which is a good thing. To be brutally honest, the guild is almost unrecognisable from the entity that it was before - so many new faces, so little camraderie within the ranks, so many new relationships to be forged. The entire aspect of the content that is open to me now is endgame raiding and dungeon grinding which, whilst not unappealing, does not sit well with my ability to commit time. Patch 1.10 ftw, it would appear.

And there we have it. Lots of flip-flopping on the hobby front. Oh, and on a great note, Exalted V2 came out this week and I resisted buying it.


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