Monday, March 20, 2006

End of Phase One: The New Attitude

Well, avid readers of Bottom of the Glass. Phase One is complete.

When I started this blog, the mission was to clear off some of the deadwood from my life and establish a new routine that helped me enjoy the hobbies that were left rather than be smothered under a never-ending burden.

Roleplaying has emerged as the winner in this little pseudo-life laundry. What was the old nostalgic favourite has developed into the one success story and is likely to for some time. Pulsars and Privateers has successfully been bedded in and now the challenge is to fulfil the potential for the game and make it 'My Best Ever Roleplaying Campaign'.

Collectible Card games have been the Sunderland AFC of the event, relegated to 'former hobby' status. And with them goes a lot of admin and posting and website work. Indeed, now having my nights free is totally viable come the end of April.

Fanfiction remains a low priority possibility. Thats all that can be said.

Comics, Wresting, Cooking - all cool

Now Warcraft? Thats another question all together. I am increasingly becoming tired with the continuing hearts and minds battle with our guild regarding raiding and raid culture. I want to stick with the guild, and I want to play the game but ... and this has taken me a while to understand - I don't actually CARE whether we use a DKP system or a GEM events system or which sort of voice chat we use or who goes on what raid or blah blah blah. Why should I care? Why ME?

And indeed, this is increasingly becoming my attitude. The best time of my day is the ten minutes I have in the morning when the kids jump onto the bed and we have our little family hug. No-one is arguing, no-one is debating, no-one is threatening to leave anyone. All that happens is that me and my girls have a cuddle and a chat about the day to come. Its so pleasant it's almost addictive!

For the last God only knows how many years I have acted as a co-ordinator/ community leader/ focus point for a number of ventures and adventures. My question now - the real Phase Two of this little voyage of discovery is this:

If I can divest myself of all of my CCG commitments and my holdiays to the USA (and this year, probably GenCon as well) because it was making me feel ill, stressed and claustrophic, is it possible for me to do the same to Warcraft? Could Gorthaal be in the Dungeoneers and not be an officer? Would I be able to have that much detachment?

Similarly, can I take the bones of the P&P campaign and make them rise into something that is truly special. I can feel it's there but it just needs to be taken that little bit further. I'm not sure how, but I'm looking forward to finding out!

Now that? Thats going to make for a very very interesting Phase Two.

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