Saturday, December 26, 2009

[Box] Whats the difference between a Warrior and a Paladin?

A white and black dice, if I have my way.

OK, so in my previous post I suggested I would use a dice-as-stats system for [Box]. Here is what I have as a very basic concept.

Six different coloured dice. Each colour represents a different aspect of a character type. So, for example, lets plough the fantasy field for a while?

Red = Prowess; strength, stamina and martial might
Blue = Guile; nimbleness, dexterity and intelligence
Green = Nature; weather, animals and the land
Gold = Essence; magic, arcana and summoning
White = The Light; life, piety and healing
Black = Darkness; death, necromancy and terror

So, we are looking to create a Warrior? And we have say, six dice to select. We select Red, Red, Red, Black, Black, Blue - a combination of Prowess, Darkness and Guile. Want to create a Tribal Shaman? Gold, Gold, Green, Green, Green, White? A Paladin? Red, Red, White White, White, Gold.

What else could you do with this? Hmmm.... how about adding a race dice? So if you want a smattering of non-humans in your game, you could add a few race dice to the pool. Or a Noble dice, which if chosen, makes your character a knight or samurai or space lord?

So you have a pile of multi-coloured dice which the players choose from to create their character. These dice can be limited to allow a degree of game world shaping and resource limitation. The categories can be altered for each setting. What each one represents can vary, I believe.

And these dice can be brought together to form dice pools. But what for? Well, thats next but not for a while.

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