Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Sun is Dying..

..OK, its not but I am waiting for the first person to suggest it is and I will slap them.

"Its the quietest its been for 100 years!"

Its an astronomical entity that has existed for millions of years and its a little late having one of its cycles. I think it has earned the chance to be fashionably late by what are, relatively, a couple of microseconds!


Anonymous said...

I did like the brutal honesty of the boffin they got on the BBC.

"so when is it going to stop this?"

"No idea, we hardly know anything about the sun, it could stop tomorrow or continue for another hundred years"

Thats the kind of man of science I love, the man who isn't afraid to throw his hands in the air and say, I've no bloody idea!


Vodkashok said...

It is the equivalent of saying "Its sunny - oh no, a cloud has covered the sun - this is the coldest it has been since records began". Measuring patterns for something like a sun over a hundred years has to have a certain degree of validity problems. I wonder what their sample size was eh Dave? *snigger*

Anonymous said...

Hey, statistics tells us that due to the central limit theorum you only need a sample size of about 30to be able to measure accurately.....

Mock, but thats the kind of statistical thinking which has gotten us into the mess we're in because of Collatralised Debt Obligations and half the sub-prime market defaulting on there loans (THAT'LL NEVER HAPPEN... they said loudly... it did)

Assumption of a bell shaped curve of normal distibution has made made people over the years, funny enough, look like bell ends.

Hmm, I not only feel dull now, what I'm actually starting to find asides about research methodology mistakes vaguely interesting....





Metaresearchboi said...

Hmm, just realised I should be posting using this ;-)


Vodkashok said...

Anyone that crossreferences the sites will uncover your secret identity and then your future as a anarchist anti-governmental blogger will be scuppered.

And 'boi'?

Prepare 2 B Mkd 4 Lat 1!

Metaresearchboi said...

Cross reference to what? My posting as anonymous and leaving D. as my initial. :-)

Bah, you may mock my paranoia but I've read far too many business and work related stories of TEH INTENETZ coming back to bite people in the ass, and I certainly am sometimes far to liberal and.. plain-speaking.. in my replies on a wide number of subjects to not be aware of these sorts of stories.

Especially knowing the attitudes of my work masters of the world above. This isn't after all, a closed forums board (in which I post on my real name)

So yes, paranoia, but mixed in with real world knowledge of what certain people are like and especially varoius possibilities that could potentially exist.

In other words, the worst sort of paranoia ;-)

Anyway, how'd I ever get to be the next conservative PM if I has a sordid background of posting of duboius blogs ;-)

Vodkashok said...

Indeed - no-one is going to rumble your ID on your blog from your research topic are they? Oh no...

And I am double chuff I am now a 'dubious' blog! Whooooo!

Anonymous said...

You have suspicious leftie leanings....


Metaresearchboi said...

After thinking about my paranoia a bit more I've decided to be a little less circumspect in my blogging.

Though indeed, my association with lefties such as yourself may still cause consternation :-)