Monday, March 30, 2009

Conpulsion 2009

Conpulsion is one of my 'local' conventions - if you consider local to be in Edinburgh! Its an old con that I used to frequent as a CCG player and now trawl as a RPG designer. Its set in the Teviot building of Edinburgh SU, which is essentially Hogwarts. I attended as part of the Collective Endeavour posse (naturally) and we had a very successful weekend!

Personally, I had an -exceptional- weekend.

I am constantly shocked, stunned and humbled by the success of Duty & Honour. It seems to have taken on that scary 'life of its own' thing. There seemed to be a real buzz around the con (or at least around the CE table) about the game and that was very gratifying. In fact, I really need to do some work on what to do when people gush at me. I've mentally sorted out how to deal with people being negative about the game, I sort of forgot about having a strategy for the good stuff. Currently it seems to be:
  • Shuffle my feet
  • Look embarassed
  • Mumble something in Carry On style 'embarassed British'

I need something a little more engaging! Anyway, I also ran the game, which is a tale unto itself but was a great laugh and a success. I had a good playtest for BtQ with the Aberdeen crew which answered quite a few questions. Hell, a copy of D&H even went for £50 on the charity auction!

Good stuff - definitely pencilling in for next year.


Anonymous said...

All sounds good! You shift many copies of D&H?

You see Steve?


Vodkashok said...


Steve Ironside? Yeah - he was one of the playtest group for BtQ.

It was an exceptional weekend with some truly embarassing moments of people just GUSHING at me. I can be so British sometimes.

I also bumped into Bruce Mason - old school B5 ranger-type and some of the folks from Furnace convention as well. All the Scottish RD players that have converted to L5R were there as well - Dave Avery, Snoddy, Civi, Aitken, The Wootton etc.

redben said...

'I need something a little more engaging!'

My advice is to take advantage of their enthusiasm by things like talking to them about BtQ, directing them to the D&H forums, talk to them about posting AP's, that kind of thing.