Saturday, August 09, 2008

Thanks Gary Rhodes!

Being a man of leisure for the last few weeks, I have been able to watch 'Rhodes Across China' this week. Its been good - more accessible than Rhodes Across India and probably more interesting as well. Anyway, after watching it a couple of times they made some dim sum. I love dim sum but, despite my quite decent culinary skills, it has always been something that I reckoned only experts could make. No. I just made some prawn and chicken steamed dumplings with a nice rich dipping sauce. And know what? They were bloody lovely. Thanks Gary!


Anonymous said...

Now what you need to do is to make a second batch and bring them along tomorrow night!


Vodkashok said...

They need to be eaten fresh sadly. However, I might well rustle some up for HouseCon.

Mark McC said...

You'll be buying the sports car, and getting the spikey haircut next.

Don't forget to say "And how do I do that?"

In all seriousness he is one off the better celebrity chefs I think.