Sunday, August 24, 2008

An Englishman's Hole is his Castle

As an upshot of the Great Extension Erection 2008, I have managed to get myself a study/office/hole. Its been the first time since I left home for University that I have been able to have a place that is wholly my own. Its great. It is a total refuge from the madness of the world. Somewhere I can just go to and relax, be quiet and think. So, here it is!

As you see, I am not the only denizen of the hole. It would appear that Sam, our cat - as opposed to the streets cats who have adopted us, appears to have found a new place to sit. OK, so its on my desk and he is in the way, but its the first time in ages he has even come close to me in a non-food related context, so thats cool!

I have moved all of my books and graphic novels into the room and for the first time ever I have thrown some books out. Not a huge number - maybe two crates of stuff like chaff SF and new-age stuff that I was into when I was at Uni, but it was a watershed. My roleplaying games have suffered a purge too and the remaining ones will be making an appearance in here soon. This really is the underpinning of my room and its very gratifying to see.

Of course those aren't my ONLY books - there's also my burgeoning Duty & Honour reference library, which is shelved to the left of my desk. The desk was a bargain £20 from a local second hand shop, and the chair was £10. My one tip-of-the-hat to being a teenager at heart is my full wall Sin City poster featuring Jessica Alba. This is now my little nerve centre. If I get a phone on it, I may not have to move...ever.

One of the unrealised upshots of this is that I can now have sound on my PC without having to concern myself with anyone else. And that sound can be quite high apparently. Thats a new one for me and eventually when I get back to the world of MMOs, it will be cool to have sound again.

The piece de resistance however is my lovely worn two-seater leather-ette sofa. Its wonderful. I can happily sit there and sleep, read, relax, chat - its fantastic. And as a final touch, just out of camera shot is the ubiqitous little fridge for snacks and Pepsi.

All-in-all, the furniture in the room cost around £100 (with the shelving being scavenged from the living room) and it was so well worth it. Now, of course, this gives me the perfect creative environment, so no excuses now for things not happening!


Matt said...

Did you manage to get the globe drinks cabinet?

Fandomlife said...

I predict that in a relatively short amount of time, spending too much time in that room will be akin to spending too much time out of the house.

Days, weeks? :)

Vodkashok said...

The globe-drinks cabinet was one piece of furniture too far. Its still in the shop so you never know, one day...

So far, things have been pretty cool on that front. Sometimes Chris comes in and reads in this room and last night we sat and watched a film together. Its not like its a prison cell. It has made me regulate my computer usage more - without a PC in the living room I can no longer be always online. And thats a good thing!

Anonymous said...

"Thats a new one for me and eventually when I get back to the world of MMOs, it will be cool to have sound again."

WAR is calling! :-P


Seroiusly, all looks very impressive, I'm actually surprised at how much space you've made. :-)