Thursday, May 01, 2008

Pleasant Surprises

What a pleasant twenty four hours I have been having!

Lets see? Eldest child has work shown around youngest child's class as an example of the quality of work they should aspire to when they reach Year 5. Proud Dad? Check!

Wife getting a simply ludicrous amount of job offers at the moment with the best being a 'Senior Training Advisor' which is a million miles better than the one she is in now.

Wife generously buys me a quite magnificent scale model of the HMS Victory to put into my study when it gets built. Its fantastic!

Use my newly found student status for the first time to get into the cinema for cheap tonight. Turnabout is truly fair play.

And the crowning glory - I thought my Aberdeen playtest group started their D&H playtest tonight. They don't. They finish the five week playtest campaign that they have been running and loving. How many games get an external campaign test? I dunno, but I am chuffed as a chuffed thing.

To balance things, Iron Man is destined to be monkey balls.



Vodkashok said...

What a shocker! Iron Man was excellent.


Anonymous said...

3 stars in the Metro....:)


Vodkashok said...

Which I predicted. It was just too good to give **, and they would NEVER give something as low brow as a comic adaptation **** or God forbid *****. The reviewer didn't seem to get the jokes either. What a shame.

*** is a triumph for common sense. Actually ** for Nims Island is a triumph for common sense! What a bag of shit


Mark said...

I saw Iron Man today and very much enjoyed it. Certainly one of the better super hero adaptations.

Shame I missed the post credits cameo of Nick Fury.

Ralph said...

FYI Neil for your expansion to Duty and Honour, I think FGU still hold the trademark to the Hearts of Oak name. I found this link on the web, hope it helps.