Monday, November 26, 2007

The Playtesting Phoenix

I just had a very exciting, nerve-wracking and mind-bending experience. Duty and Honour just had its first proper external playtest. And not just any playtest either. This one was in New-fucking-Zealand with GM being Malcolm (Cold City, astate) Craig. I mean, honestly, this is getting feedback from a bona fide games publisher. I was TERRIFIED.

And you know, it wasn't THAT bad. Sure some thing just didn't work for them and a lot of that had to do with my writing and a need to be more specific. There were some things that they tried that I didn't foresee in the game (what if there is no officer? what if they all play new recruits? etc.) and they wanted some sections expanded as well. There were some things that I simply hadn't included and some stuff that was definitely in the realms of 'Auther not Included'

However in the end they liked it - they liked the essence of book, the way that it made characters and stories and all that stuff. The innards of the book got a big thumbs up. It just needs sharpening (no pun intended), polishing and better organisation and writing.

Sometimes life presents you with glass half full, glass half empty moments. This could easily have been a half-empty moment but no, it's a half full. And thats a good thing.



Anonymous said...

I have resolved my technical problems. I created my google account using my sky e-mail when I was invited on my work e-mail.

Yes I am an idiot.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, further evidence of my technological incompetence. I had meant to post the above on our game forum and not here on this blog. Can you delete these posts? if so feel free.

Also, congratulations on the first proper playtest. You will be a published game desginer in no time at this rate!