Tuesday, November 13, 2007

New Members of the D&H Family

And after no small amount of swearing, ranting, screaming and general bad temper I have FINALLY got my hands on all of the little Imperial Lego minifigs that I want. I have nine Bluecoats to represent the French, four Redcoats to represent the English and I have even got a little cannon, gunpowder and an ammo chest. I'll dream of getting some horses. Their shit is less expensive.

When Andrew and I tested out some of the skirmish rules on Sunday night, the Legos were really quite useful for positioning people on our imaginary little map. No neccessary but as a tactile fetish they were perfect.

So ... HURRAH!


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Vodkashok said...

I've just discovered that my colleague at work collected Lego as a kid and has all of the Imperial sets bar one, meaning he has loads of redcoat, bluecoat and greencoat figures in his loft in Kendal - and he can get them for me for after the holidays. I don't know whether to laugh or cry!