Monday, July 30, 2007

T E E N T I T A N S Teen Titans, let's GO!!

I rarely post on here about my fanfiction - the 'other' hobby - but at the moment I am about to engage with a new series, one that I have been waiting for ages to write. Teen Titans.

If you are asking 'who' I will explain - they are the DC universe's young heroes, starting off as the sidekicks group and growing into a sort of Justice League Junior. So you get hardcore DC continuity superheroing and some great teenage interactions.

I've been a fan of the Titans comic book for years, but it has never been a fanfic title I have wanted to handle until recently. Whilst I am a bit of a team title addict and most of my more popular fanfic titles have been either teams or ensemble titles there is a certain something about the DC mainstream titles that has been off-putting. Justice League is generally unavailable or like gold dust, I'm too close to JSA to be able to do a decent job, Legion is too complicated - Titans seems like the perfect fit. In addition to that, I love my teen comedy and teen sports films. Yeah, I know, they are trash but what the hell. There's something strangely famillar about them that reaches out to me. I think it's because I never really 'did' being a teenager that I find it so fascinating.

The trick, I think, will be to make my Titans wholly different from my other title, Green Lantern. GL is very mainstream to the sites continuity and I do a lot of things in order to forward the sites metaplot with that title. Indeed, sometimes that means that the characters lose a little intimacy as they are hurtling around the Universe. So I want to get Titans down and dirty a little. Something more character driven than plot driven.

Of course, I now have the best bit to come - choosing *my* Titans roster. Thats going to be interesting!



Anonymous said...

I'm a bit intrigued by how this works. Anyone can sit down and write fan fiction about their chosen characters, etc.

I just get the impression you are doing it in some sort of official capacity? Is there some structure you are doing this under? Where titles are given out in some way, posted somewhere and read? I'm guessing here.

It's that I find interesting.

redben said...

So you finally got the call from Dan Didio. About time too.

Vodkashok said...

Shared Universe Fanfic works much like a 'real' comic company. There is an 'Editor in Chief' and a gang of writers. The writers pitch for a certain title and are allocated by the EiC. (thats a lot more formal than it actually is)

You then write your title as stories in an issue-by-issue format. So your story is split up, just like in a comic.

However, you also have to work within a shared universe. So, for example, in Green Lantern, I have established that GL John Stewart has gone missing. Another writer simply cannot use John Stewart. He is mine to control. Similarly, if I want to use say, Superman (a character who has a fairly open remit) it is polite of me to ask Tony (the Superman writer) whether I can use him and to keep track of anything in the Superman title that I should be aware of.

What this does is builds an internal consistency within the titles, which delivers an experience nearer to the comics.

So, sure, I could just write JLA fanfiction if I wanted, but it would be in a vacuum. This is far more interesting!


Vodkashok said...

And Ben, at least there will be one small corner of the Titans world where Didio isn't culling the poor buggers!


Anonymous said...

"So, sure, I could just write JLA fanfiction if I wanted, but it would be in a vacuum. This is far more interesting!"

Yeah, much more interesting. I thought something like that was going on, but I thought rather than guess I'd just get the skinny.

Anonymous said...

Is this still happening?

-D. Golightly