Monday, July 30, 2007

GenCon Countdown has Commenced

In two weeks time I will be packing for GenCon.

Lets just understand that sentence for what it truely means. 25 years after I started roleplaying I will finally be making my way to the biggest gaming convention in the world. Thats pretty damned cool. Moreover I will be in the position to not scrimp and save money when I am there, making it a true 'holiday of a lifetime'. I am very very excited.

I would be wrong if I didn't say there was a certain degree of pathos attached to the entire affair as well. The finances for this venture have come from a large slice of inheritance that has come my way since last year, which is sad. However I am sure that all of the family members involved wouldn't begrudge me my dream holiday on the back of it. I also resolved late last year, after I parted company finally with Comic Images, that I would never again see a number of my friends that I had made during my sojourns to Wrestlemania. Indeed, the realisation of internet acquaintance into real-life associate had an unexpected effect on me - I can understand how people can get hooked on their online sweethearts so much that they marry. So it is a good thing that I will be seeing so many of them again, but a bad thing that I might never again. Again.

Thats all chicken feed to the fact that I am going however. The travel arrangements are almost sorted (barring one stop-over hotel and some car parking) although I need to put together a little information pack for my companions so that we all have copies of the travel information. I haven't bothered signing up for anything as I'm pretty sure I will be able to find more than enough stuff to do in the ad hoc games department. I have suitable clothes, a good bag, a great mobile phone that can double as a note taker, a travel plug, a good inflight book, some allergy tablets and other assorted approved medicines. Things are looking pretty sorted.

Well, sort of. Of course there had to be one fly in the ointment. I have just had MI:666 returned to me after it's strange journey into the armed forces. Which means that I don't have my primary game ready to take with me. I have been working furiously on Duty and Honour and that is in far better shape, but as yet not really felt the full force of playtesting. I think they will have to wait - or at least travel over in a very unfinished form. Unless I can magic some extra time over the next two weeks.

My shopping list of games grows daily as well - Dictionary of Mu, Full Light Full Steam, Faerys Tale Deluxe, The Blossoms Are Falling, Zorcerer of Zo, Committee for the Investigation of Thingy and probably some others too. *sob*

And with that... SQUEEEEEE!



René López Villamar said...

I am so envious... and I really hope you have the best of times in GenCon.

Anonymous said...

It's great that you're going to GenCon.

What is really weird is I can't decide whether I'm frustrated and disapointed I'm not going as well (which wouldn't be an option financially whatever other factors exist), or whether I'm not in the least bit bothered.

Very weird. Initially I was! Then I sat and thought about and I came to the conclusion I might find some of the panels interesting, but I'd probably not get involved in the gaming. I don't really do the one shot gaming with strangers thing.

I think in my mind, if there is one last convention I'd like to go to it'd probably be more ComicCon.

So yeah, it surprised, but I'm still on the fence about the gaming convention thing.

Still, for those who really like them, going to GenCon is certainly the big one as they say!


Anonymous said...

Take pictures and write me an article when you come back! :)


Vodkashok said...

I should, in theory, be able to blog directly from my phone onto here - for a blow-by-blow account with piccies!


Anonymous said...

Hah, now that is a good idea. I believe some fancy mobile blogging does exist here - make sure you set it up!

That would be cool.

Anonymous said...


Btw, Just what is our luggage allowance? 15kg's? or 20?

Might be interesting to know just so I've got a vague idea of how much stuff I can cram in the bags for the sojourn home.