Monday, March 12, 2007

Cooking Up A Storm

I think I have finally got in over my head.

Browsing some of the gaming fora, I came across mention of something called Game Chef. Vaguely, in that reptilian part of my brain that remembers crap like this, I recall it being some sort of game design competition - a bit like 24 Hour RPG. I investigated a little, looked at the format and then in a fit of confidence and upward mobility, slapped by name on the 'tag in' list on the site.

I am now going to be part of Game Chef 2007!

So whats the deal. Well, on Friday the 'ingredients' will be announced. I have no idea what these could be, but it looks like it is 'choose one from list A, one from list B and two from list C' style affair. I then have until April 1st to design a game based on the ingredients. It has to be written up and everything. The games are then peer scrutinised and some will pass on to a finals and for the winner, fame and glory awaits.

In all honesty, I don't expect to get past the first stage. I highly suspect that there are a lot of people who know people within the set-up but I'm looking forward to being proved wrong. It will however be a very interesting little challenge and I'll keep everyone up-to-date on my progress.



Anonymous said...

Sounds fun depending on what "elements" there are.

Off the wall & kooky or sensible?

Anyway, Omni-system, by design, should cover all bases :-)

Matchstick men trying to escape the kitchen before a mad-woman burns them alive? No problem, as long as its a STORY game :-)

Anonymous said...

Good luck, not overly my thing.

This challenging oneself riff that is going at the moment is getting me thinking though...