Tuesday, November 29, 2005

UPDATE: Rediscovered my smile...

Well, it was the last Pay Per View Raw Deal event of the year this weekend. I have really mixed feelings about it. It had a pathetically low turnout of only 18 players BUT we had an amazing time. I even got to play - it felt really good...playing. And winning. And losing. But playing was the major thing.

It also felt like a watershed. We've been riding high this year but some aspects of the game have been delayed and that has meant that a lot of players have got itchy feet. It felt, for all intents and purposes, like rather than being given a chance to bow out gracefully, it was a chance to re-assess, re-evaluate and rebuild from a new set of reduced foundations. I know that many many of the people who were there were talking about what was happening next year and what sort of things they would like to see in the future. Which was good.

So much so that it has sort of invigorated me towards Raw Deal a little. I've now got a new and realistic timetable in my head about website developments and whats happening there. I have ideas for new decks and how I want to manage the balance between playing and organising. I think that any realistic plans for me to resign en masse from my positions has been put on a definite hold for now.

Which is good, because during the weekend there were at least a dozen times when I could have told everyone I was resigning and didn't for some reason. Act in haste, repent at leisure maybe?

More, inevitably, later


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