Monday, November 14, 2005

Getting Started

I never ever thought that I would stoop to writing one of these Godforsaken blog things. And I bet thats the way that a 1001 of these damned symptons of a modern age have started. Sad isn't it? And why was I certain? Well...

(a) - I've never been a one for diaries. They always tended to last three days and then disappear as something more exciting came along.

(b) - I've always been very sceptical about the use of blogs and what you can actually say in them. There is a voyeuristic/exhibitionist angle to them thats quite vain really. You want to say things that are deep and personal...and you want people to be able to read them. But what if the things you are talking about are so personal that you don't want SOME people to read them? And what if they do? And if you cannot say what you think then whats the point. Gah!

So, whats the point then?

Well, I think it will be interesting to track a small portion of my life and the way that it is panning out with regard to hobbies and interests and the media and all manner of things. I have the feeling that the next 6 months will be a watershed for me, one way or another. I can feel change coming on - quite radical change. How it will pan out I have no idea.

So where are we starting from?

Well, I have hobbies - a lot of hobbies. More hobbies than you can shake a stick at. Some are lying fallow and others are taking over to obsessive levels maybe. A shakedown is almost certainly in order.

What are these hobbies? Well here goes.

1. World of Warcraft - I play WoW a lot, almost everyday.
2. Reading comics - My name is Neil and I am a team comic addict
3. Writing fanfic - oh please, delude yourself that you still write.
4. Playing the Raw Deal CCG - not just playing it - I'm the official webmaster, the UK commissioner, a playtester and run a UK website!
5. Watching professional wrestling - well, when I can
6. Cooking - I love cooking!
7. Roleplaying - oh God, yes, I nearly forgot. I roleplay too!

I also have a wife and two kids, a full time managerial job, a consultant media job and a few friends websites that I keep an eye on for them.

Busy? Moi?

So, on the hobby front, here is the current state of play

World of Warcraft - very active, borderline obsession if you believe some.
Reading comics - same as it ever was. Buy and read a few every week
Writing fanfic - this really is a delusion. I stopped this ages ago as it was too time consuming
Playing the Raw Deal CCG - haven't flopped a card for a few months, but still very attached to the game. Having a strange relationship at the moment
Watching professional wrestling - well, when I can, which is a sometimes affair.
Cooking - I love cooking but I rarely have the time or the space to do it as I like
Roleplaying - After months of rather silly soul searching we are about to start playing Buffy again. And I am the referee.

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