Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Update, of sorts.

So, after my little outpouring of frustration and angst, what have I done about things?

1. Curfew! - I now have a bedtime. Midnight,no later. Preferably 11 o'clock but thats flexible. The upshot will hopefully be a more energised Neil. Results so far ... decent.

2. Small victories - taking a bit of MMO psychology into life, breaking some stuff down into small bits. So doing a read-through edit of Epoch. Done. Making the adjustments to the text. Done. Sorting out my website. Done (and then some). Little things, quickly done (relatively) delivering a feeling of doing something. Excellent.

3. Dedicated reading time - reading is a pastime that I can do without judgement or approval and I love it. So giving myself a half hour each day to read is another rule. Results  - Clash of Kings is being worked through slowly but steadily and I'm loving it all over again.

More to come, but this is a good start indeed!


Metaresearchboi said...

1. Good stuff. I'm always amazed at how the difference between a good nights sleep and a poor nights sleep can effect me.

2 & 3. Great.

Tom Zunder said...

That breaking things down into bits is good advice, unless you have a butterfly mind like mind, and it's an excuse for constantly flitting. My current behaviour thing is managed focus on a single topic. So, at work, trying to do one thing per day, and even only 2 things a week. In gaming, one game engine (it was Traveller, now d100) and focus in on a long long campaign. Still a bit flitting on other things, but I did focus in and hard on the garden in a very satisfying way this summer.