Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Yeah, I'm down with the kids.

DCUO has finally flipped its lid. For six months now just about everyone has been waiting for the Green Lantern content. I believe there may have been some bruhaha in the news recently about some motion picture that it might have been tied into? For six months, we have been told it is coming. Beta testers have already seen it. Its there and ready to breathe life into the ailing corpse of a game.

And SOE finally release it ... as paid DLC 'later in the summer'.

Really? REALLY?!

This is the game of broken promises. The slowest developed game in history. Monthly content updates became periodic content updates. Megaservers are taking longer to test than the CERN hyper-accelerator thingamebob. Free content as a result of monthly fee has turned into Station Store content and now ... paid for micro expansions.

Its like taking your customer and kicking them in the bollocks again and again and again.

And what makes me even more stunned is that there are dozens of people on a number of fora defending this practice. Sure, its only $10 but its now actually a principle thing. You cannot lie, mislead and backtrack to your customers this many times without some sort of backlash. Its ludicrous. SOE, I can forgive you the hacking nonsense but this? Seriously ... what on Earth, or indeed Oa, were you thinking?

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Brendan Falconer said...

I'm with you on this one, I played the game and liked it for its accessability and arcade-y style of play. However, after the very first, very minimal, expansion was late I was already losing interest.

I stopped paying and playing once I realized how little content there was, and how slowly it was coming out. Last I heard, the game wasn't doing so well, but you hear that all the time about MMO games.

When I saw the Green Lantern content I thought "Oh cool! Finally!" and was pretty angry that not only was it very, very late, but it wasn't part of the free expansions they had promised.

Sorry DCUO, you had me with the fast-paced gameplay, you lost me with every reward being armour, lack of content and a feeble drip-feed of additional content.