Sunday, June 12, 2011


I'm knackered.

Not just in a 'a bit exhausted' way - in a 'oh God, yesterday I passed out asleep whilst reading' way. Its quite scary as I simply cannot lie in whatsoever and I hate going to bed early at night as I tend to be at my most awake around 10pm. Really, I could do with a life of four six hour periods rather than two twelve hours ones. But this is just an aside.

I'm also coming to the conclusion that I am tired of many things. Things that seem to be ever present in the world and have annoyed me for a while, but now I just cannot be arsed. Like comics. The new DC Universe reboot has hit me like a large wave of 'meh'. I've told Glenn at FP that I'll just let my order end when it happens. I can't be bothered with the constant re-inventing the wheel, the constant need to chase the new readers at the expense of the old. The need to fiddle. Nope, thats knackered me out. I can't even be arsed to get riled up about politics anymore - and considering the tenderhooks that my job has me on at almost every turn, thats like turkeys forgetting what month comes after November.

I'm tired of 'fans' as well. One of the more intriguing parts of the latest half series of Dr Who has not been the show itself, but the reaction of the fans - on facebook, twitter etc. What a bunch of entitled fools. Two messages stick with me. The first one condemned the entire show as 'fail' because the poster had managed to guess the identity of River Song earlier on. Boo hoo! You guessed, you won, well done. That doesn't make the show a failure. The other one was one early on that condemned the show as an utter disaster because of one set of overnight ratings that made it the 'least watched Nu-Who' of some such. A week later when the official figures were announced, this changed substantially, but that mercenary poster was desperate to have his pound of flesh.

I've seen this before in wrestling - when the comparative ratings between the WWE and TNA were scoured over, quarter hour by quarter hour, to see whether the observers could glean some meaning - like modern day soothsayers picking through the entrails of a dead sheep. It just ends in ill feeling and tribalism.

I'm tired - so very tired - of being made to feel like I should apologise for the TV I watch and the books that I read.  Not by people who watch radically different shows, or read radically different books. That would be understandable. No, its by people who are essentially forcing a cigarette paper between two things and then calling one side good and one side bad. I'm tired of people telling me how bad Green Lantern will be next week - I'm going to watch it regardless, you know?

Moreover I'm tired of the relentless need to pronounce things 'Awesome!' or 'Terrible!' with no middle ground. Can nothing just be 'Good','Acceptable','Perfectly Acceptable Viewing'? Why does it always have to be the most erection inducing thing EVER or so utter disdainful that its mere mention kills puppies.

And I'm tired of puppies. Because I want one and too many people have them.

I yearn for a world of positivity - where the ability the internet and the communications revolution has given us is tempered by an old Mam's saying ... 'If you can't say something nice, don't say it at all.'

Right, time to go to sle...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Vodkashok said...

'I yearn for a world of positivity' at the end of a really whiney post. Go Neil and his internal logic...

RantingBob said...

Oh the DCU reboot. Its got me interested, and I'll be picking up a good few of the titles, probably a dozen or so. So I guess on that front its done its job. The problem? As we know from CCGs, whenever you reboot, you seem to lose more than you gain.

As for the overall feel of the post. I kinda agree. I don't see anything wrong with being critical of a medium you love, but just intensely negative all the time, yeah, thats getting old. For me its not films, or comics, its games. I want to play games, and I want to enjoy them, I want to try games that are in that middle ground because I might like them, but one of my friends has fallen into that trap of "its shit" or "its awesome" with almost no middle ground, and I'm really fed up of it tbh.

On the plus side, I should hopefully be gainfully employed in a couple of weeks, and I shall start collecting some comics again (Iron Man, Thor, some of the X Titles, and a load of the nDCU).

Vodkashok said...

Interesting comment from Mrs G. She reckons I'm feeling so tired physically because of the way I teach. My teaching load tends to be early in the day (9-12) and then late in the day (6-9) usually on the same day. Hence, I have adjusted my wake-up times to meet this demand. Interesting

RantingBob said...

She might have a fair point. Have you ever thought about adopting a different sleeping pattern? One of those ones that gives you more time in each day by splitting your sleep?

Vodkashok said...

That would mean sleeping at work. I don't think they would allow that. The 12-6 period is still working, its just less teaching and more workshop stuff.

RantingBob said...

Oh :-/

Then I am afraid I am flat out of suggestions.

Fandomlife said...

That post make you sound desperately.....old :)

Fandomlife said...

And, yes,those teaching times would give troubke shutting off creating a long day. Using that free time in the middle would be very difficult.

Metaresearchboi said...

As someone married to a person in a profession were 10am till 10pm shifts are the norm rather than the exception, I have only one major input and suggestion.



Seriously mate; better living through chemistry. How do you think Nurses up and down the country do 12 hour continous shifts? Caffiene ftw.