Saturday, January 15, 2011

Up! Up! and Away!

Its Super-Cheryl!!
Originally the plan was to go to the dark side and kick superhero ass. Sadly this hasn't transpired yet as Dave has managed to have all of the worlds technical problems happen at the same time. I hope you get it fixed soon mate! In the meantime I have been pottering about on the (at the time of character creation) only EU PVE server. I'm glad I chose PvE after seeing some of the game as I think PvP would be a charnel house! My character, above, is 'Pele' (as in the Polynesian goddess of Fire, not the Brazilian footballer!) who sports a Fire/Dual Wield/Flight/WonderWoman combination.The costume set-up is straight from the character creation system with no additional bits and bobs. Since this shot I've added some 'New Gods' gloves, belt and shoulders which make her look a little more streamlined and a little less StreetDance 3D.

Nominally in my brain, I have her as some sort of exchange student who believes she is possessed by the spirit of the goddess (rather than mutated by the Exobyte virus thingys - I have no idea how Brainiac is supposed to have triggered mystical powers, but he has!). So, who has she tackled? Well, she fought alongside Zatanna (never a chore...) against Felix Faust, she had a right nasty tussle with the Titans against a possessed Raven and she has recently battered Giganta senseless with Wonder Girl.

This game is not easy (for me) and I have hit a pretty stern learning curve, but what is nice is I am learning. I can feel my grasp of the controls growing and that means I can unleash more destruction, faster and more accurately. I like that the game is challenging me in ways that other games have not. Downside? I spend a lot on repairs!

Oh, I also got the tour of the JLA Watchtower. Its almost worth the price of admission! One final note - its nice to see that somethings never change. Clearly the architects from WoW have come across here as most of the police stations have that familiar 'enter and hit a brick wall, which you have to walk around to carry on' business that the WoW buildings have. Bizarre.


Fandomlife said...

That looks awesome. If I'd not been keeping costs low I'd be blasting my way through the game with a two-pistol packing hero of some sort on the PS3.

Fandomlife said...

There must be something in this building design lark.

I suspect it's something to do with things 'running better' if you can't see the inside from the outside or something.