Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Fortune vs. Caution

I remember when I got my iPhone. New Years Eve 2008. Now I don't remember the date because I got the phone then, that would be very silly. No, I remember getting the phone then because of the date and thus how easy I thought it would be to remember when my contract expired. End of June 2010. It seemed like so far away then...

I am also not usually the most lucky of people when it comes to getting free stuff. You know, when all of those building societies were handing out dividends in the 90s? I always had money in the wrong account, or a couple of quid too few to qualify or whatever. Never quite in the right place at the right time.

And then today I discovered that O2 are doing a limited time upgrade from the normal iPhone to the new iPhone4. It would appear that for once, I have the chance to be right at the cutting edge! The question is, should I?

I have been exceptionally happy with the performance of my iPhone. I pondered getting one for a while, swapping out my old Orange smartphone with its slide-down keyboard. In the end it was very much the right move. The main use for it is for mobile internet and it works great for that, especially with 02's properly unlimited access plan. I've even rediscovered music over the last year and I have acquired quite a nice collection of old albums from my youth. In general its just the right bit of kit for what I need - and it does calls too.

So it would seem that I am a shoe-in for the iPhone4, yeah?

That would seem sensible, except I'm never really too happy as the early adopter. Second wave? Fine by me, but the cutting edge is a place for those with a tolerance for bugs and 'waiting for the update' cyber-warriors. Its always a gamble. Is it one worth taking to save the hassle of the post-offer upgrade business?

I think it probably will be, if only for a bit of a treat for myself. Its about time I truly became one of the cool kids ... it had to happen one day.

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Fandomlife said...

Going to the latest iPhone isn't overly cutting edge, it's just a minor upgrade.

You made the leap with the iPhone already in terms of what constitutes an actual jump.

Upgrading to the next iphone is more of a circumstancial trip.