Friday, January 15, 2010

Console Gaming - Five Years Late

I have never had a games console. OK, I tell a lie, for a few months when I lived in Rugby I had a SNES. It was a total impulse buy because I was bored shitless living on my own and I only ever had one game for it - Super Mario Somethingorother.

Since then I have never touched another console. PC gamer all the way. That was until yesterday when I inherited a PS2 from a friend who was moving house. The game came with Guitar Hero (I & II) and some old-school racing games. I am about as musical as a brick but Guitar Hero has proved to be doable. However it has been an absolute smash hit with the girls, who have regular battles now whenever our backs are turned.

And the one thing that has always caused me to back away from the console has not transpired - it has not caused TV-schedule nightmares. Instead of the house being filled with iCarly or MTV hits or some other rubbish, its now filled with ROCK! Indeed the acceptance of the console has spawned Mrs G. to suggest we bought some more pre-owned games - and boy, PS2 games are damned cheap.

So we snaffled up Star Wars Lego, Madden 2007 and Super Mario Somethingorother for a tenner. Of course, in order to play them I am going to have to unplug the girls from their new rock addiction.

So readers, what PS2 games are the MUST HAVE games I have missed over the last decade?


Fandomlife said...

Final Fantasy VII - but it will suck away your life. Very cool story though.

God of War games are meant to be seriously good.

Probably many, many others I'm forgetting!

Indy Pete said...


Tekken Tag Tournament. Take it to your womenfolk. Savour the sensation of them beating you down. The all night tourneys we had at uni, fuelled by halal kebabs and Irn Bru, were legendary. "It's all about the movement!" Good times. Your family will love you - even more - for unleashing the awesome that is TTT. Crush them Neil. Show no mercy. They won't.

GTA III. Your family will dig it as they commit grand theft auto, spray gang-bangers with hot lead, and learn the lingo of pimps. That is assuming you don't go all "Dad" and ban them from playing this 18-rated game until they are 30.

Tongue-in-Cheek Pete

Fandomlife said...

Pick at as you desire. There are some real classics in there.

redben said...

Resident Evil, the first one, it will steal your life.


Matt Prowse said...

Final Fantasy 7 and Resident Evil are excellent games (play the latter at night with the windows ajar, I dare you), but they're not the kind of family offering that Guitar Hero brings. I don't mean the content is inapproproate, just they take solo pondering hours to play and work out - much less social.

I'm really pleased its a hit and is getting a new lease of life, PS 2 games are dirt cheap.

God OF War (II) is superb as well, but that really is inappropriate content!


AndrewW said...

Final Fantasy VII stole several weeks of my life and once nearly made me crash my car on the way to work as I had been up for about 36 hours straight playing it.

Fandomlife said...

If you play Final Fantasy VII we shall patiently await the 'NNNNNNnnnnnoooooo! point.