Friday, June 26, 2009

The Day The Music Died?

Not today. No. 'The Music' clearly died about 16 years ago when the Stone Roses split up. Everything since then has been a pale phantom. And yes, I do want 'I am the Resurrection' played at my funeral - the full 10 minute version. That'll educate you all!

I was asked recently, by some students at work, what music I used to be into when I DJ'd at Uni. Whilst a lot of the stuff that I did was the generic 'shit disco' stuff, I was much happier doing what would have been kindly in those days been called 'indie disco' but was really a rip off of the old 'Wednesday Night At Walkers'

Walkers was a nightclub in the backstreets of Newcastle in the late 80s. Later, it was to have the misfortune of having Gazza get attacked within its walls and the scandal would mean it would change its name to Planet Earth and later some Vodka Bar place and then finally close. When it was Walkers, though, it was immense. Wednesday nights were a pilgramage, regardless of weather, time of year or coursework, to dance our socks off all night to what was at the time the bleeding edge of the not-dance-music stuff.

And dance we did. To (mis)quote the Wonder Stuff, we span round like a spinning thing! It was the one place where WE were the regulars and everyone else was encroaching on our club. Or at least it felt like that. We had our corner where we, and only we, threw our denim jackets. We might have drank but most likely not because we just didn't need to. We laughed, we cried, we played silly pranks on each other - it was great.

I distinctly remember three things. The first was the last night before I went to Uni when we (we, btw, being me and my mate Stephen - there were others: Toby, Ang, Carrie, Birdy) went and thanked the DJ for his tunes and then bought a half for the prettiest lass in the place who we had gawped at for months but never done anything about - to thank her for being pretty. I remember my first birthday at Uni, Stephen had gone back to Walkers and got everyone in the club to sign a card for me. They didn't know who I was, but they did and it was very cool indeed. And I remember the day we went back and discovered that it had got shit. We stood there and waited and it was still shit. And then like something out of a film, the old DJ appeared and started playing the music again and ... it wasn't shit anymore.

Does that last bit sound too far fetched? It might, but I shit you not, it happened. I remember, because I remember being on my knees doing the 'we're not worthy' thing in front of him! It was 1992, Waynes World was out and well ... thats what you did.

ANYWAY... enough of the memory lane rubbish. I put together my Spotify playlist of the music that used to be played back then. Its an approximation - I added the Pogues and the Levellers stuff at Uni and I always placed out with the Housemartins. The rest however it kosher.

Thats me. Thats my music.


Anonymous said...

Walkers was great! In my head it had multi levels, I remember going for a few months when one level was a Piano bar and pretty good food, and upstairs was classic (at the time) Student Indie/80's. happy days and my widest and most cosmopolitan groups of friends.

Bentleys in Sunderland was a pale shadow, but it had moments too (Thursday nights).


Vodkashok said...

Yeah - downstairs was the ...ahem... 'Getting Friendly With the Ladies' section. It had dark corners and seats and everything! The top floor was where the dancefloor was at.

You would, if I have my uni dates correct, probably have been going a couple of years after my heyday?


Anonymous said...

Uni part 1 (Business computing) 88 to 92
Uni part 2 (Politics and Philosophy)
96 to 98 - also a shameless way of getting elected to the student's union, then Sabbatical year.

Vodkashok said...

In that case, Mr Matt, you were there when I was there!! 88-89 was my heyday and then every time we could in Uni hols!

As the DJ booth faced the dancefloor, our perch was to the right of it, between the bar and the toilet.

Now isn't that a small world?!


Fandomlife said...

In the spirit of sharing.


I warn you, it's very random.

Anonymous said...

You old fogey lol.

Not bad bar the odd Jesus Jones and EMF track.


Anonymous said...

Joining in with the swing of things -