Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Competition! Euphemism-itis

There is a disease in our media - Euphemism-itis. No-one in the media can say the word 'recession' as it is a bad word and has a technical definition that the country has not reached ... yet. So we have now spawned 101 different terms that people are using instead. Lets see how many we can find! I'll go first:

...fiscal downturn
...testing economic times
...economic turmoil
...challenging economic circumstances

Your turn!



Anonymous said...

Quantitative Easing

Making 1920's Germany not sound so bad.


My personal hatred of this word cannot go on a public website it is so venomous.


Anonymous said...

'The cock of economic prosperity has been sucked dry'.

I think that one was on Radio 4.


buddha said...

Hmmm.... let's see:

financial slump
downtrending economy
increasing unemployment index
vindicated pessimists