Monday, April 28, 2008

Being ... Right!

It's not often that I watch Points of View - usually because I hate the bile filled reactionary claptrap of Mrs Davies of Chippenham, complaining about a bare female ankle being shown before the watershed. In fact, I am not quite sure why I was watching it yesterday, but I was. And this was a Good Thing because I saw some Head of- woman from BBC3 announce that 'Being Human' was being commissioned as a series for BBC3. And indeed, on the BBC website, there's actual confirmation!

Being Human was one of six pilot dramas shown a couple of months ago on BBC3. Its the tale of a house-share between a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost. I thought it was excellent and apparently, so did a vast number of other people because it got riotous reviews. (Obviously the guys in my previous blog-post were on their venom recycling day... *wink*)

I'm thrilled. Not only because it is a good series but because for a flicker of a second it appeared that something had gone right. Victory had been snatched away from the jaws of defeat. Something I liked was getting a break! Hurrah!

And then Songs of Praise came on. Well, you can't win them all!


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