Saturday, February 16, 2008

March is Duty & Honour Month

Sometimes you have to shit or get off the pot.

I think D&H has reached that point. I have a slew of playtest reports that have to be polished into a product. I had an epiphany last night about a structure within the game that doesn't exist but must for it to work as anything other than an intuitive rpg-as-has-always-happened. I'm fucked off with work to a degree unknown to man. CottageCon II will be finished by then and SunRaven, my rogue, has reached level 70 in WoW. At the end of March I have to run D&H at CONpulsion in Edinburgh with a number of my Collective Endeavour peers - its the games Prom Night - it gets a fumble but not a full-on shag. For all these reasons and more I have to get the damned thing finished, or as near as dammit, by March 20th.

So March is Duty & Honour Month. Nose, meet grindstone.


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