Sunday, August 05, 2007

Sharpe Bricks?

Inspired by this thread whilst pottering around Tynemouth Market this morning, I spotted something amazing. When I got home, I flew onto the web and after a little search-fu, I found the rest. Oh My God!
You can get Napoleonic Lego Minifigs! You can get them in English red, French Blue and some Spanish looking ones too. Standard redcoats and 'command' figures. I have no idea what I can do with them, but I must be able to do SOMETHING.
Oh and you can also get some really REALLY cool 'Spirit of the Century' style ones too.


Anonymous said...

OMFG! Sweet.


Anonymous said...

D&H Minis?


Vodkashok said...

Well yes, thats the obvious one even though the game doesn't actually suit 'minis'.

I found some more stuff on the interweb yesterday as well - Del Prado 'Napoleon at War' die cast figurine collection. A couple of quid each on eBay and perfect for character pieces - they even had a KGL Sharpshooter officer Nigel - thats YOU that is!!!!