Monday, May 21, 2007


Thats the only phrase that comes to mind when I describe my post Cottage-Con state. Well, knackered and elated as the entire event was an unqualified success. The organisation was nigh-perfect, the venue was stunning, the food was great, the gaming was thrilling and memorable, the beering was pleasant yet restrained and the banter was, as always, second to none.

However, it does suggest that we are going to have to put in some 'training' before GenCon to get our long-session playing muscles toned if we are going to squeeze the most out of that gamefest on the back of a transatlantic flight!!

I'll wax lyrical later about the games themselves, because they deserve time for some contemplation and rememberance. However, as a plan that has been brewing for some years now and was triggered virtually on a whim in the aftermath of the first Steak and Cinema weekend, I have to say I am a very very happy gamer at the moment!



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Thirded :-)

Especially the Knackered part, on about my 4th strong coffee of the morning.

This is almost certainly something I'd like to turn into a regular thing (even if it only becomes a yearly sojourn :-) )


Anonymous said...

I think one of the most interesting elements of the whole weekend is: it puts to bed the myth that unless you're playing a game week in week out (or bi-weekly) on a regular basis, it's not worth the effort.

In theory, this should mean, the bi-weekly schedule aside, we should get more games in as the ones running irregularly or further apart will no longer be viewed as a waste (something that has been put to me numerous times).

This also puts to bed the lonely, single DM responsible for a game on a regular, don't miss a slot schedule - as he can also accept his game can have gaps, run for blocks and still be fine.

Weekend was great, but I think it says a lot about our regular gaming could be structured.

Vodkashok said...

I concur.

It certainly showed that we can have an amazing time in a one session game if the prep is right and the characters are right.

However, that has fired up all parts of my imagination to foist all manner of crap onto you! I need to plug the Cthonic masses rising from my brain!


Anonymous said...

Indeed... But..

One thing we seem to have all forgotten....

THATS Soldiering!!


A weekend of fun with a host of sayings to be used in many games to come!

Anonymous said...

I'm all for dipping in and out of games as and when the GM has something they want to run. I'm all for short campaigns with disposable (yet not shallow)characters. I would probably rather do this than have extended campaigns.