Friday, October 20, 2006

Feedback plx - the plight of the fanfic writer


My fanfic output has taken an upturn (fuelled admittedly by me being ill with dread manflu). Green Lantern has hit #5 and Zatanna will get her second issue next week. My problem, as is normal, is an almost total lack of feedback.

I've tried the normal route - you give someone else feedback and they reciprocate. That doesn't seem to be happening. There are other methods - working the lists with your titles in sig or just downright feedback whoring. I'm loathe to be doing them for a number of reasons, mostly that I have had some rather painful experiences with bad feedback in the past.

Note please - the quality of the feedback was bad, not the feedback in relation to my work. I hate feedback in the 'OHMIGOD I LOVE YOU!!' shit as much as I hate the 'This makes me want to poke my eyes out' rubbish. Something moderated so that I can use it to improve my work would be nice.

Ho hum - maybe this just means that no-one is reading it. Wouldn't be the first time.


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