Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Double Decker Buses

As in two come at once.

The demise of P&P has meant that another referee, Nigel, has stepped into the breach and like buffoons we have started The Great Pendragon Campaign. Hot off the press, this is a massive expansion and revamp of the classic 'Boy King' supplement. It will take YEARS to complete. It is ludicrous to even consider that we would do it. It's bloody great!

I love Pendragon. I love every bit of the system because it drips flavour. My character is Brion O'Hara, the son of an irish squire from Skye. He's a big lad with red hair, strong, good with the spear and the horse and a master of the hounds. I am ignoring his Orate 10 because frankly, anything sniffing of Bard would drive me insane with my self-stereotyping.

As with all textbook Pendragon games, we are vassals of Sir Roderick (and yes, we did the joke) in Sarum, Logres. We were knighted (and the big lug made his horse vault as well!), we have our demenses. We met some etheral woman, met challenges, found pledged wives and fought saxons to a stand-off in our first massed battle. Brion even distinguished himself by leading the charge on his new uber-fast horse after being challenged by one of our gallic brothers.

Great stuff. I loved it. I was buzzing at the game (which may have been the wine) and buzzing after the game. If we can keep the atmosphere and the general tone of the game, I think the characters are going to shine.

Now thats a lot more positive, isn't it?

Warcraft is plodding along. I have been turning attention to Gortessa in the end game a little and levelling Kylea (to 47 now) before she returns to the pvp arena. I have a feeling that the guild may be coming to an impasse as Burning Crusade approaches. A little more hardcore, a little less forgiving - a cull may be coming, the numpties should watch themselves!

I got Green Lantern#4 sent off to the editor at DC Infinity last week, which was a relief, and he gave the green light (ha! no pun intended) to a new title, Zatanna. That should be fun. Oh, and I was namechecked on Other People's Toys, a podcast about fanfic. It titilated me!

So, in general, whilst I am still knackered, things seem to have calmed down a little bit.

I do have a yearning though. I haven't been on a road trip for months. I'm getting itchy feet and that cannot be good.


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