Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Ah, never a day goes past without some drama occuring within World of Warcraft. Yesterdays was the guildkicking of a rather annoying new member. Oh the sheer human tragedy of it all.

This guy was, to be fair, a pillock. He didn't sound young on comms, probably in his early 30s. He just couldn't understand what was going on around him. Every so often he would go postal on comms, getting VERY irate. He would harass officers in /w. He would /w people spreading sedition about the guild. (oh God! I used the word 'sedition' - how sad.)

Most of all though, he refused to take any instruction in raids and thus died very quickly and caused numerous problems. Bad play we can abide. Bad play that is repeatedly pointed out and the advice ignored or worse, blatantly disregarded...well, thats just not acceptable.

What people in the guild maybe don't realise is that we have pondered over the decision to kick this guy for WEEKS. We absolutely HATE kicking people from the guid. In some way it infers that we have failed in our mission to be the broad-church welcoming guild. We have only done it a scant handful of times.

And the reprecussions will no doubt start soon. Which is the silly part. It's a microcosm of our take-all, give-nothing society. The whining players who are not officers will complain that the officers have in some way abused their power. And yet, in the next breath,they will complain that the same officers have not organised their game for them in terms of raiding. Cake, Eating it. etc.

Oh the drama!1!!. How can something so silly be taken so seriously.

On a brighter note, Kylea the Mage won her first WSG this weekend. I was so proud.


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